Waiting for a Chance

by Orchestraville

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Two psychedelic nuggets from the "Poison Berries" recording sessions. Slightly somber and a little trippy, these two tracks have a vintage feel, like a long-lost obscure single from the 60s. We decided not to include them on "Poison Berries" since they didn't fit with the rest of the songs. Instead, they have a new home as a digital single.


released June 23, 2010

Recorded at The Admiral Benbow, Frank Lloyd Wrong and Gidget Sound.

Mixed at Gidget Sound by Keith Hanlon and Chris Forbes.



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Track Name: Waiting for a Chance
Even if you see it you can never know
What it really does for me, I love it so
If you think you smell it, you might be there
Even if you think you're close, you can't begin to see
What it does to me

Even if it touches you, you can't compare
What you think and what I know is in the air
Though you think you taste it you will never ever hear
What it does to me

And all those times it spoke to you
You couldn't ever hear what it said
Looking back I saw it there

Waiting for a chance
Track Name: Memory / Picture
The first time I saw you
You were looking at me
I think that we felt the same way
We never close
Like I thought we would
I still have the photo

My memory was better than a picture
Yeah, my memory was better than you

I met you again
You were looking at me
I think we felt that same way
We talked for a while
And the world was small
And not what I remembered

Where did you go?
Where did I go?
We were different then

My memory was better than the picture
Yeah, my memory was better than you

You crept like poison ivy
I climbed to the top of the trees
To escape everything that
I saw you hoping to find there